Pos   Team Pld Pts
1 Eastman 5 10:4
2 Hosanna 5 7:7
3 The Barfer's Uncle 5 5:8
4 Watauga Insurance 5 5:8



Pos   Team Pld Pts
1 The Passholes 5 12:3
2 Team Shsss 4 10:1
3 New Team 5 8:5
4 Stoned Stunts 4 7:4
5 Game of Throw Ins 5 5:8
6 JC Union 5 5:8
7 Farcelona 5 4:10
8 Swansea 5 1:13

Welcome to SOFA Soccer!

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Balluff at 423-557-6800


SOFA Soccer was created to enable competitive soccer for all adults in Northeast Tennessee in a professionally refereed, insured setting.

All teams are co-ed in the sense that any team may have female players.  Teams are divided into 3 Divisions based on level of fitness and skill.

SOFA Soccer will play five seasons, 3 outside and 2 inside at Johnson City Indoor Soccer
A Spring Season, beginning in mid March and ending in May.
A Summer Season, running from June and ending in August.
A Fall Season with games being played from September through November.
A Holiday Season indoor with games being played from November until January. Go to www.jcindoorsoccer.com
A Winter Season indoor with games being played from January until March or April. Go to www.jcindoorsoccer.com